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General info

General info

DOT, based in Enschede, is active in the textile market and is responsible for the printing of the products ordered on DOT is like Araco and Pure Prom, a part of Jafi BV. Unlimited options are possible when it comes to printing and embroidery of products, like a big variation in how the products are delivered to customers. There are a lot of advantages when having a company like DOT in our management. 


Silkscreen is an interesting technique that is used by DOT, and is applicable to several materials. In contrast to conventional templates, this technique can be used to produce the images in sharp detail. DOT is a growing company when it comes to silkscreen, as it has just purchased a new machine, which allows Araco to produce even faster. The silkscreen template protects several surfaces from light so that these places remain soft. These places that remain, form a pattern that will be the end result. 


The machine that is used for printing, is called the transfer press. The design that will be printed on the product, is pressed with force by the machine, while the machine is being heated up. This way the design will stick to the material, this is done with a special foil. Quality remains after the transfer, as the press being used is of high quality. 


The third and last printing option used by DOT is sublimation printing. The main and most important part of this process is the sublimation printer. This printer heats the special ink, which then evaporates, and this way attaches to the product. DOT buys special paper, ink, and presses for these processes. The main reason why sublimation is being chosen is that colors can be combined during the process and do not have to be changed. Besides that, scratches are a rarity during sublimation. 

Do you have any questions about the techniques, printing options, or other general questions about DOT? Feel free to contact us and we will try to come back to you with an answer as soon as possible. 

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Arranged easily online More than 2000 products in our shop Easily check your order status online