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USB Lanyards 4YOU

Always have your charger at hand, wherever you are. With the 4YOU USB lanyard it is possible! Sublimation printing gives your charger a unique look and makes the lanyard a stylish and useful accessory. With a choice of different connections or even a combination of these, you always have the right match for you.

500 pieces 7 weeks 10 weeks Comes per 5 pieces in polybag (standard)


Looking for a handy accessory? With these 4YOU USB Lanyards you always have your charger handy.

Step 1

Length, connector and ampère

After choosing from two different lengths, select one of the connectors. The lanyards are available with a Lightning cable, micro USB and USB-C connector. There is also a possibility to choose 2 or 3 connectors in one. The double-sided connector can be used for different phones. Then you can choose the number of amps. The more Amps you have, the faster your phone will charge!

Length, connector and ampère
Design your own print

Step 2

Design your own print

Have you chosen the USB lanyard ? Great! Through sublimation printing you can have the entire lanyard printed with your own design. Design the artwork yourself or with the help of our studio to ensure that your handy accessory also looks stylish!


Do you want to order these unique Lanyards?

You can! Our sales team will gladly inform you of the possibilities, prices and delivery times. With our 4YOU line we can collectively produce unique items that meet the customer's wishes. Because we have predefined options, we make it easier to start custom made projects.

4YOU. Impress. Inspire. Influence.


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Do you want to order these unique Lanyards?

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